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Andrew and Callie's Proposal

From their eyes.

Hudson, Florida

We couldn't have said it better:


"Alright, well, where do we start?" I just wanted you guys to come in and initially just to see everything and just scout it out.  What I got was a lot more. (laughs)  You guys are basically spending all your guys' hours and out the nighttime.  You really stepped up and took it fully swing and everything.  How I wanted you guys to just help and you did more than ever I asked for."


"I had no idea it was coming, at all.  I showed up and there were over 1,300 lit candles.  It was absolutely gorgeous.  I think I cried the whole way there.  I cried the whole time.  It was the absolute perfect proposal and I know that the family did so much.  They just went out of their way to make it extra special for me.  There is no other photographers, there is no other place, that would have done all of that and it wouldn't have came together the way it did if you guys weren't in it."


"It all worked out... and she said yes, most importantly.  Most importantly, that she said yes.  So... and that was the main goal.  We got that and, you know, way more than just that.  In the beginning I thought, you know, I was just working with just a photographer but it's anything but just that.  You know, it's taking it personal, to a different level, to make one of the most enjoyable, most memorable moments of our lives come to reality.  You know, rather if it was just somebody that just took corporate pictures, just for great shoots and stuff, you know, it wouldn't have worked out.  Like, this is a complete company that cares and goes above and beyond.  By the end of the week, you know, and everything, by the end of the proposal, you guys felt like an extended family."


"It's more than just pictures.  They go out of their way to make your special moment perfect."

Boomshot Studio

More than photography.

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