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Real Estate Rates

Our Real Estate Package provides you with a photographer/videographer who has been intensely trained in the practice of architectural digital capturing and rendering. By utilizing immaculate image sensors, High Dynamic Range processes and remote flash techniques, he will produce exquisite, highly detailed photographs and/or video of each major room and several captivating daylight photos and/or video of the exterior of the desired structure, dwelling, abode, residence, shack, cave, cubbyhole, den, kennel or digs. All of the photos and/or video will be made into Boomshots* and uploaded to a PASSWORD LOCKED gallery for your convenience, where only those with the password can view and download them.

Own a castle that is more than 2,500 sq. ft. and has more rooms than you can count (and that you also, un-admittedly, get lost in everyday)? No problem! Check out our Add-Ons section for more extras than you can count! Okay, not really, there are 2 extras. I just counted them.

Real Estate Services:

Wide Angle Photography: $200

360 Virtual Tour***: $16.50 per Spherical Panorama (Photosphere)

Boomshot FlyThrough (Video): $300


Additional 2,500 sq. ft.: $100

Drone Photography: $100

Additional Expenses and Fees:

o Travel Expenses:

   • Within 35 miles: free

   • Over 35 miles: $100/hr for each photographer + compensation for actual cost of travel.**

o If additional or special equipment is needed for the shoot that we do not have on hand (and that we did not offer in our packages), compensation for cost of purchase/rental for the items is expected.

o Cost for DVDs, photo books, prints, etc. are available upon request.

*Boomshots are photos that we spend additional time processing (i.e. whitening teeth, removing blemishes, sharpening eyes, etc.) to ensure they are of the best quality.

**This includes, but is not limited to: Transportation, accommodations and meals.

***If the client does not have a way to host the 360 Virtual Tour, we can provide one, but it may be subject to hosting fees.

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