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O Magnify The Lord With Me: Matt And Stephanie's Love Story

As told by Stephanie:

I met Matthew when I first attended the college group program at Idlewild Baptist church.

Instantly we were attracted to each other. I actually called one of my best friends and told them I had just met the man I would later marry!

Three months later Matt picked me up and we went all over town doing some of our favorite things.

We went to a dock that we had sat on for hours before, then we went to an Italian restaurant we went to our first week of dating.

We ended up on Clearwater beach at sunset, and before I knew it he was on one knee asking me to spend forever and always with him!

From the very first day we met we have been inseparable.

On the night we met the pastor used a Bible verse in his sermon, "Oh come and magnify the Lord with me." That very verse was read during our wedding ceremony.

Its been a year and a half since we met and we are so excited to grow old together-through thick and thin, till death do we part.

The Wedding:

I (Chris Morgan speaking this time!) met Matt and Stephanie through a close friend (also a photographer, here is his Flickr).

I was asked by him to help with the wedding photography and I eagerly obliged.

The wedding took place on August 1st at The Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church in Lutz, Florida.

Idlewild is a beautiful place with excellent architecture and a few pleasant courtyards; a great place to do a wedding.

I arrived at  8 a.m. that morning to begin taking the Bride's and Bridesmaid's "getting ready" photos.

The bride had purchased matching embroidered shirts for herself and the bridesmaids to prepare in, which made great opportunity for photos!

The girls had a great time getting ready, drinking coffee, and eating fruit (and donuts, but shhh, don't tell anyone...).  When they had finished their hair and makeup and began changing into their dresses, I took the opportunity to see what the Groom and his men were up to.

They were a great bunch of guys, but they were always so serious.

I could never get a laugh or a smile out of them, or anything really.

They weren't even up to doing anything cool or funny.  Seriously guys, lighten up.

Anyway, after the boring time with the guys, I went back to the girls after they had changed.

Now, it was time for the "First Look" with her Father.

Don't be fooled, those tears you see on his face in the picture were added in post for effect.  He is, obviously, too much of a man to cry. (Don't worry, we've got your reputation covered!)

Now, it was time.

She made her way down the aisle and took the hands of her groom.

It was a great ceremony led by Jake English, the college pastor at The Exciting Idlewild Baptist Church.  

He led them through what it is to be married and where it came from biblically and explained the true importance of marriage.

He led them in prayer together.

And they prayed with each other.

This is the beginning of a beautiful marriage and I am glad I was given the opportunity to capture it.  God bless you both and I pray for joy for the rest of your years.

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